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ENuzum is a reputable family business specialising in tarmacadam for over 50 years, renowned for top quality craftsmanship.
Only finest quality materials are used in both preparation & surfacing at competitive rates.
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Roads, Driveways & Car Parks

Proper construction of roads ensures that the transportation in an area is smooth and effective. Asphalt roads, which are the most common in Dublin, Meath & Kildare & surrounding areas, have proven to be long lasting and a regular choice for road contractors. In this day & age, construction companies are looking for the best ways to build quality roads without having to strain the budget allocated to them. It is for this reason that the use of asphalt is becoming the standard material for roads even as it’s properties are continuously improved using technology.
The unique properties of asphalt have made it the main material for tarmac roads and have even made it the best alternative of tarmacadam which was used in earlier roads. Some of the major components of asphalt include bitumen and a number of minerals that help it become compact when used in construction of roads among others. In other places, this sustainable construction material is referred to as Bitumen concrete because of the use of refined bitumen in its overall production. Its black colour also gives a finished road or concrete driveways a clean look that makes its pleasing to the eye even when in use.

ENuzum is an approved contractor for the the Home Renovation Scheme.
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