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E Nuzum has been providing top quality service in the Tarmacadam & Asphalt arena for over 50 years.

We have gained many a loyal customer, both Residential and Commercial, by anticipating their needs and over delivering on their expectations.

We use only the finest materials in both preparation & surfacing, at competitive rates.

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Why Asphalt/Tarmacadam?

So, why is asphalt the number one choice of tarmac contractors that want to construct quality car parks, driveways and roads in Dublin?

First, asphalt surfaces are versatile meaning that they can be specially made to support climatic conditions as well as traffic loads. This flexibility of the road construction material has seen it provide solutions roads in rural and urban roads regardless of the temperature cycle in the area or traffic loads.

Second, the skid resistance abilities of asphalt have made it the choice for constructing driveways as a way of ensuring safety when using the area. Porous asphalts which give it drainage capabilities as well as a precise aggregate mix makes it possible for the roads or driveways to be kept free of water in wet conditions.

Third, reduction in noise when driving on Dublin roads is another benefit of using asphalt in their construction. This construction material helps in the prevention of accidents brought about stress accompanied by fatigue experienced by drivers that are exposed to constant noise while driving.

Fourth, driveway cleaning and maintenance of asphalt surfaces is much easier when compared with other materials. Road maintenance plays a big role in the longevity of the surface and also reduces the development of potholes on surfaces constructed using asphalt.

Finally, roads in Dublin constructed using asphalt can be used almost immediately after construction or repair which minimises the amount of time they are kept closed. Driveways or car parks made of asphalt/tarmacadam can be used as soon as they are done which makes frustration of frequent users much less.

Overall, if you are looking for quality asphalt/tarmacadam surfaces in the Dublin area that are constructed using top grade materials then you are at the right place. We have been offering these services for decades and guarantee first class work!

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